IPI Auctions Off Rolls-Royce Cars and Crystal Dragons

Saipan’s troubled casino operator, Imperial Pacific International (IPI) LLC, is again making headlines as its assets go under the hammer in a new auction organized by the appointed receiver. This time, the spotlight falls on IPI’s prestigious collection of Rolls Royce cars and its famed Crystal Dragons. The online auction, facilitated by Clear Management Ltd, commenced on Monday, 18 March, following the recent sale of IPI’s high-end liquor.

Luxury Cars Are Looking for a New Owner

The first vehicle auction is scheduled to close on 11 April, with the Crystal Dragon auction concluding on 22 August. Interested parties can purchase 11 cars varying significantly in value. Two 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghosts with a starting bidding price of $23,000 mark the most intriguing opportunity, providing unparalleled comfort and luxury.

According to the auction website, the two vehicles are pristine and immaculately maintained, with just under 6,000 miles traveled for t tiger711 he more used car. Danny Ewing, Clear Management operations director and former IPI employee, commented on the matter for media outlet IAG, noting that the two Rolls-Royce Ghosts reflected Saipan Casino’s vision to match VIP destinations like Macau.

We expected strong interest in these from CNMI and Guam, but what has surprised us is the interest from the Philippines and mainland USA.

Danny Ewing, Clear Management operations director

The auction’s winner will likely have to pay a significant amount to transport the vehicles overseas, but a low enough purchase price could justify these expenses. Such cars appeal to collectors, VIPs, or establishments like luxury hotels that value prestige and comfort. Any would-be buyer will also purchase a piece of history, taking home a part of Saipan’s failed casino resort dream.

Connoisseurs Can Purchase a Unique Piece of Art

While the two Rolls-Royce are undoubtedly impressive, the two Crystal Dragons adorning the Saipan Casino foyer represent the auction’s primary highlight. The stunning crystal gem-studded sculpture spans over 60 meters, featuring two dragons fighting over a flaming pearl. 2.5 million Swarovski crystals make up the dragons’ scales, while a state-of-the-art lighting system allows the sculpture to change color almost instantly.

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Designed by renowned manufacturer LASVIT, the Saipan Crystal Dragons have an initial bidding price of $100,000. Finding a fitting buyer for the sculpture could be significantly more challenging due to its price tag, transportation difficulties, and limited utility. However, Ewing revealed that several parties have already expressed interest, raising hopes that the Dragons can find a fitting home.

The Crystal Dragons are unique art pieces and deserve a 5-star setting. All discussions to date have been with potential buyers in the Middle East.

Danny Ewing, Clear Management operations director

Amidst these auctions, IPI finds itself embroiled in revocation hearings with the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) regarding its Saipan casino license. As IPI navigates these challenges, the auction of its prized assets reflects a strategic move to mitigate financial pressures amid ongoing regulatory scrutiny. Whether the auction proceeds will alleviate IPI’s woes or serve as a temporary solution remains uncertain.