Bybit Signs Deals with Esports Orgs Alliance and Astralis

Bybit continues to expand its clout in esports following an earlier partnership with Na’Vi. Now, the crypto exchange has teamed up with Alliance and Astralis. 

Bybit Secures More Esports Presence 

Crypto exchange Bybit has stolen another march on esports following its inaugural partnership with Natus Vincere (Na’Vi). The exchange has now signed two three-year deals with Alliance and Astralis, two prominent outfits in the world of competitive video gaming. 

Sweden-based Alliance is known for their competitive forays in Dota 2 and iconic star player and streamer Admiral Bulldog, as well lodislot as their victory in The International 2003, the world’s largest esports event in terms of prize money. Alliance is returning for TI10 after pulling a last-minute qualification through strong performance that will place them on track for a bite of the $40 million prize pool later this year. 

Bybit’s other partner, Astralis, is the world’s foremost Counter-Strike: Global Offensive powerhouse. The Danish esports team is so popular that even the Danish prime minister has tweeted them good luck during events. The organization is also listed on the Danish NASDAQ, demonstrating business acumen.

Similar to the recent partnership with Na’Vi, Bybit is seeking to promote crypto to esports fans. Bybit will be able to display its signage on players’ jerseys, social media channels, and streaming overlays. The exchange will also work with both organizations to achieve specific carbon neutrality campaigns and look into additional initiatives that the companies can come together and back. 

Welcome Move for All Partners 

Not least, Bybit is hoping to promote the World Series of Trading (WST) competition, a special tournament where crypto holders are trying to carry out the most value-added trades. The event is loosely based on the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Players from all teams are likely to join the upcoming WST event, with Natus Vincere already confirming their participation. 

Both Astralis and Alliance were happy with the opportunity to team up with Bybit. Astralis co-founder Jakob Lund Kristensen said that the deal was “significant” for the organization on “all levels.”

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“At the same time, the purpose of the agreement and activation around it is almost a perfect match with ours: to champion the positives of gaming,” Kristensen added. Alliance CEO Jonathan Berg pitched in, adding that he was a huge crypto and blockchain enthusiast himself. “I had a strong belief that there would be a time when our two worlds would mesh,” he explained.