DraftKings Incorporated premieres Flash Bet just in time for Wimbledon

This year’s edition of the Wimbledon tennis championships got underway on Monday and American daily fantasy sports and online sportsbetting firm DraftKings Incorporated has immediately got in on the action via the launch of its new Flash Bet innovation.

Real-time wagering:

The Boston-headquartered firm used an official Sunday press release to detail that its latest first-of-its-kind advance offers sportsbetting aficionados the ability to place live point-by-point wagers on games of tennis before immediately displaying and paying out on any positive results.

Extra exhibits:

DraftKings Incorporated, which is widely rumored to be engaged in negotiations concerning the possible acquisition of SBTech, declared that its mobile-friendly Flash Bet innovation provides sportsbetting aficionados 7BALL with the capacity to easily ‘engage in every minute of action through live betting and instant winnings’. The firm stated that the product moreover gives users the power to view a timeline of their wagers while embedded graphics display real-time ball movements alongside accounts of the court type, points won and service accuracy.

Product pioneer:

Jordan Mendell, Product Research and Development Senior Vice-President for DraftKings Incorporated, used the press release to explain that the iOS and Android-enabled Flash Bet advance may soon be rolled out across other sports with its launch continuing his firm’s ‘reputation of being the first to market with new and innovative sportsbetting technology.’

Mendell’s statement read…

“Live wagering is already widely popular today but also represents a crucial part of the customer experience and engagement tomorrow. Short of playing on the court themselves, we are wholly invested in bringing our customers as close as possible to Wimbledon this year while also giving them a taste of the lightning-quick innovations to come.”

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