Flutter Steps Up the Game, Rebrands PokerStars VR as Vegas Infinite

Flutter Entertainment announced the rebranding of PokerStars VR as Vegas Infinite. The move is part of a full-scale overhaul of the free-to-play social casino, the company explained.

Vegas Infinite represents the next generation in Poker Stars VR’s evolution as a virtual entertainment destination. The rebranded game will continue to build on the success of its predecessor, which has been a trendsetter for almost five years.

PokerStars VR was originally launched in 2018. Because of its innovative and socially-charged concept, the game quickly attracted Flutter’s attention. The gambling giant ended up acquiring the brand in 2021, bolstering its business.

The rebranding of Vegas Infinit bet646 e is in line with Flutter’s drive for innovation and product diversification.

Immerse, Enjoy, Be Yourself

Vegas Infinite players will get to enjoy a new 3D virtual environment they can explore. The virtual city will allow users to visit other personal suites and explore luxurious virtual casinos. Subscribers can also play on a rooftop escape overlooking the spectacular virtual city.

Players can also enjoy a variety of different emotes and virtual activities, as showcased in the announcement video.

Vegas Infinite will be available on Steam VR and Meta Quest VR and will require no headset to play. The renewed game will feature many new games, such as blackjack, roulette, craps, slot games and the proprietary Rocket Rush.

Poker fans, meanwhile, will be able to enjoy Spin & GO poker, MTTs and Metaverse Poker Tour tournaments.

In line with Flutter’s commitment to providing players with safe and fun experiences, the virtual casino leverages ToxMod to prevent toxicity in the live chat. Players also have a variety of safer gambling tools they can use to moderate their playtime.

PokerStars’ director of VR & innovation, James O’Reilly, commented on the changes:

As we approach our fifth anniversary, it’s incredible to think how far our game has come. From a cutting-edge experiment in applying virtual reality to the poker table, we’ve grown to become a living entertainment destination with a full suite of games and experiences played in otherworldly environments that are home to an avid community of players.

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James O’Reilly, director of VR & innovation, PokerStars

O’Reilly noted that Vegas Infinite is now “much more than poker and much more than VR“ – it is a destination where players can find many exciting gaming experiences.