High Stakes Poker Making a Comeback Thanks to Poker Central

Fans of the very popular poker television show known as High Stakes Poker are in for a treat thanks to a recent acquisition deal that will see the show make an unexpected return. Earlier this week, Poker Central announced that it has acquired both the brand and all of the assets of the popular television show that ran for a total of seven seasons before being taken off the air. Since it was launched in 2006, the poker show became a fan-favorite not just for poker enthusiasts but also for other people who enjoyed the raw and natural way it presented the world of poker.

Initial Launch on PokerGO

Poker Central Plans to begin streaming episodes of the show on PokerGO in the course of 2020. This was expected since the subscription-based poker streaming service is one of Poker Central’s most successful ventures. It will, therefore, be a great place for the company to launch the product to its very loyal users.

Even though PokerGO will be the first to offer streaming services for the new episodes of High Stakes Poker, kagame Poker Central has confirmed that it will soon not be the only way through which viewers can access the show. The company is reportedly in the process of creating a framework and inking partnerships that will allow new episodes of the television show to be made available on other streaming platforms and on broadcast channels.

Bringing It All Back

As stated by Poker Central president Sampson Simmons, High Stakes Poker is among the best poker shows in history and this was mostly due to its emphasis on involving poker stars and massive pots. As a result, it was able to accurately convey the rawness associated with real money poker games. This made every single episode a potentially memorable experience.

That said, Simmons is confident that the new show will be able to “recapture the nostalgia and magic of the show” for anyone who is interested in it.

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Mori Eskandani To Return

Having produced all the seven seasons of High Stakes Poker that aired on the Game Show Network, Mori Eskandani achieved quite a fete. While he currently works as executive producer at PokerGO, his expertise will be a huge part of the rebooted High Stakes Poker show. He is particularly excited about the fact that he will be able to bring the rawness and naturalness of the original show to the new generation of viewers.

With a track record of producing some of the most popularpoker shows including Poker After Dark, Eskandani’s input is certainly going tobe appreciated. All in all, we should all brace ourselves from some insanelywild poker action once the High Stakes Poker episodes start airing later thisyear.