Lucky Star Casino subject to armed robbery

Three teenagers along with two adults are facing major charges after allegedly robbing the Lucky Star Casino of Lake Charles, Louisiana. A total of five people are behind bars after four of the individual allegedly worked together with a security guard of the v 7BALL enue to perform the robbery.

Early Morning Robbery:

Only two patrons were onsite at the casino when the robbery took place in the early morning hours. Around 4:30 am, two masked individuals approached the venue with a gun, demanding cash from the security guard. The guard gave the individuals money and they fled. The two robbers were found to be seventeen years of age, one being Tre’von Gray and the other being Joshua Stewart.

According to…

The two teens got away in a vehicle driven by Amie Nelson, a 38 year old female. Reportedly, Amie is the fiancé of Brandon Cornell Guillory, the 38 year old security guard of the casino. The two adults along with the teens, Gray and Stewart, and one more teen, 17 year old Jashone Dean Beverly, the robbery was planned and executed.

Planning the Robbery:

According to police, both Nelson and Beverly were seen on surveillance cameras in the Louisiana casino planning out the robbery. Nelson acted as the driver during the first trip to the casino and during the robbery. To try and stop the investigation, Guillory used his position as the security guard of the casino to provide police with false information.

Deputies handling the investigation were able to recover the stolen money as well as items that were used during the robbery. For Gray, Nelson, Stewart and Beverly, each individual faces one count of armed robbery and a single count of armed robbery with a firearm. As for security guard Guillory, he was arrested and charged with being involved in the armed robbery.

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