Pragmatic Play Launches Two New Baccarat Versions

Pragmatic Play is expanding its Live Casino product by adding two more versions of baccarat, a popular game that resonates with live casino audiences. The developer is expanding with Fortune 6 Baccarat, a classic baccarat experien ufa800 ce, that comes along with side bets to offer players the opportunity to participate in additional races.

Bringing Fortune 6 and Super 8 Baccarat Live

The side bet can be placed either on the Player or Banker, and will have players try to guess whose hand is closest to nine. Another side bet in the game includes the namesake Fortune 6. This one is designed for bumper payouts if there is a six in the first three cards. It’s a unique twist that is set to appeal to players and further strengthen Pragmatic Play’s foothold in the baccarat vertical.

Then, there is Super 8 Baccarat which once again comes with a side bet that players can pick from. In this version, the side bet postulates that a win is secured if a natural eight hand is drawn in the first two cards. The side bet can also win if the cards have the same color or suit.

Pragmatic Play is continually experimenting and improving its portfolio of options available to players. Commenting on these releases, Pragmatic Play chief business development officer Yossi Barzely said:

Fortune 6 and Super 8 Baccarat allow us to bring a brand-new dynamic to one of the oldest and most popular casino experiences in the world and add additional decision-making to the classic game through a unique side bet opportunities providing more ways to win.

Pragmatic Play chief business development officer Yossi Barzely

Barzely is confident that these additions to the baccarat vertical provide the company with the opportunity to continue innovating the entire segment and bring new and worthwhile experiences to players.

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