Second Bronx resident earns Porsche Boxster win from Empire City Casino

Bronx residents are on a role at Empire City Casino of Yonkers, New York with a second resident of the area having won a Porsche Boxster from the casino. The casino recently hosted two promotions where a Porsche Boxster was up for grabs. On July 24th, Richard Lohmann of The Bronx earned the win and the second round of the promotion took place on July 31st with Carmen S. of the Bronx also earning a Porsche Boxster prize!

The beautiful Porsche Boxster luxury car has been on display on the casino floor of the Empire City Casino with visitors being enticed to participate in the Porsche Boxster Luxury Car Giveaway at the venue. Empire City and its Yonkers Raceway decided to trade horses for horsepower by giving away the beautiful luxury car, not once but twice!

Thousands of players took part in the unique prize drawing and ten finalists were named in each drawing. Participants had to be Empire Club members and once the ten finalists were called, each would be given an Empire City t-shirt and one named the winner of the brand-new vehicle. The t-shirts provided were custom made, so the nine who did not earn the vehicle win would see their shirt say ‘I Almost Won a Porsche at Empire City Casino’. As a consolation prize, $250 would be provided to the nine who went home without the luxury vehicle.

The two winners of the Porsche Boxster decided to choose the cash option instead of taking home the new vehicles so both Carmen and Richard earned $60,000 via the drawing.

As one of the largest entertainment and gaming venues located in the northeast, Empire City Casino continues to offer hot prizes this summer. In August, players will be able to compete in the Great Gift Card Giveaway. This contest will take place each Thursday starting at 3:00 pm. In 7BALL CC the meantime, players who visit the venue will be able to enjoy slot gaming with 5,300 machines available, roulette, blackjack, electronic craps and more.

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