EEG Backs Indian Gaming Esports Association in Building Its Ecosystem

Esports Entertainment Group continues to push with a stronger B2C and B2B offer as it now reaches out to the Indian Gaming Esports Association (iGEA) with a new partnership. 

EEG to Aid Tribal Nations in Growing Their Esports

Esports Entertainment Group (EEG) has signed a new partnership with the Indian Gaming Esports Association (iGEA) and Spectrum Gaming Capital, an investment bank. The move comes amid growing clout for esports in the United States and more investment pulled in by key markets, such as New Jersey.

Based on that agreement, EEG will become the exclusive technology provider for iGEA and will help integrate various B2C and B2B esports services to tribal assets and tribal casinos. Native American tribes hold considerable sway over the gambling market in the United States, thanks to exclusive rights granted to them by the federal government. In fact, they have veto powers in some instances as the country is finding its way into the legalized sports betting market. Luckily, esports betting has not proven as difficult an issue as mainstream sports.

As such, Indian casinos are a popular sight and they have the unique opportunity to join t lol646 he esports trend. Oneida Nation’s Ernest Stevens III, who also serves as the chief executive of iGEA, had this to add:

“Indian Gaming has historically been a key driver of industry evolution, and with our entrance into esports, we plan to keep our nations at the forefront of gaming’s newest trends.”

The United States is already open to the idea of esports. Hitmarker Jobs, an analytics company that follows the esports jobs market, has said that the world’s greatest concentration of esports jobs remains in the US. 

Esports onto a Strong Growth Trajectory in the US

Outside of that, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) approved a $200,000 payment for an Esports Innovation Center developed in collaboration with Stockton University. Stevens was confident in the success of the present partnership.

“Esports Entertainment has the vision, expertise, and, most importantly, the assets for a turnkey business operation and future-minded strategy that aligns with the best interests of tribes and tribal casinos; no need to re-invent the wheel.”

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He similarly praised Spectrum Gaming, touting the bank’s connections and strategic capabilities to help drive the venture to real success. EEG CEO Grant Johnson was similarly pleased with the nature of the partnership, calling it a big opportunity for what he considers a massively untapped market.

EEG also obtained a license to operate in New Jersey and launch its fully esports-focused betting platform. Johnson confirmed that EEG would continue to work towards providing iGEA with the necessary technical expertise to realize its full potential and help develop the esports ecosystem for tribal nations. Esports Entertainment surely has the know-how to spearhead such an ambitious undertaking. The company focuses exclusively on esports in the online gambling space and offers numerous initiatives directly tied to this.

Building Relationships between Casinos and Esports

EEG owns, another prominent esports betting brand trusted by esports aficionados in whitelisted jurisdictions. The company is also already accepting esports wagers in many jurisdictions but has not yet made its mark on the United States, outside of the New Jersey license mentioned before. The platform is not yet live in the Garden State either. 

Spectrum Gaming Capital CEO Robert Heller joined the conversation and said that the bank also saw the potential in a tribal-centric esports organization that would create domestic and global opportunities. Esports can be tied with the operations of existing tribal businesses, and specifically casinos, Heller explained. 

MGM Resorts has already joined forces with the HyperX Arena at the Luxor Resort & Casino in Nevada, arguably one of the best esports venues in the United States. The relationship between casinos and esports is going to change as gambling operators continue to pursue younger audiences.